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I’ve spent my career as a trusted teacher, mentor, and coach, and pour all that experience into my talks and workshops.

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Sheila is also available for breakout sessions, workshops/webinars, panels, roundtables, and can emcee events such as awards ceremonies. And can do podcast interviews!

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You need your presentation to influence, inspire AND get results whether it’s in the conference room, the boardroom, or the classroom. You need to communicate your message in a meaningful and memorable way, ensure your audience is engaged, and that your presentation slides shine. You’ll come away with a robust plan and skill set for presentation design.


Presentations are ultimately about audience learning. Successful presenters work in service to their audiences, whether they are presenting a report, sales pitch, keynote, or facilitating a professional development workshop or training. In this highly interactive workshop you’ll learn fundamental principles of audience engagement strategies for in-person AND virtual events.

Slide Design:

You need presentation slides that support your message. This workshop demonstrates WHY slide design is an essential skill. You’ll learn basic principles of design, and techniques for incorporating and customizing images, icons, and other visual content in presentations. You’ll leave knowing how to design slides that advance the purpose of your presentation.


How do you know if your programs are making a difference?You need to know how to measure program impacts in order to make key decisions. This workshop helps you create robust evaluation plans that ask the right questions and collect the right data.

Survey Design:

You need to collect data from your team, department, members, clients, or customers. In this workshop you’ll understand why and how question wording influences response and you’ll learn to craft richer, more concise, and more targeted questions that yield meaningful data. (check out Designing Quality Survey Questions)

Data Visualization:

How can you use data to communicate compelling stories and clear messages? This workshop introduces fundamental principles of visual design and a range of graphs and charts you can build in Excel (or PowerPoint) and use to get your point across. After the workshop you’ll be able to take your skills to other platforms as well.

Designing Professional Development:

The world is changing at such a rapid pace that it requires all of us to be continuously learning. Professional development has become a necessity for virtually everyone. This workshop will introduce you to the basics of instructional design, the role of content, knowing your audience’s learning needs and strategies to actively engage participants in learning.

Creating Documents and Reports in PowerPoint:

Well-designed reports that meet standards of quality and ethics and are more likely to be both read and used. This is a technical course on report design that leverages the ease and flexibility of PowerPoint in applying basic principles of graphic design, visual communication, and data visualization.

What People Are Saying

Rachael Kenney

How often does a six-hour virtual training hold your attention and even make you wish that it was longer? Not often, if ever, but Sheila found a way to do just that with Creating Visual Evaluation Reports that Shine.

Her personable and gentle presentation style pulled me right in. I feel much more confident in my skills to create reports and ability to talk to my teams about better report design in a concrete, actionable way. The training will pay for itself many times over. I plan to send my team members when Creating Visual Reports is offered again and hope to have the opportunity to take other trainings of hers myself.

Rachael Kenney, MA, PMP
Health Science Specialist / Evaluation Manager

Rakesh Mohan in suit and tie smiling at the camera

Dr. Sheila Robinson is an awesome instructor! In summer of 2019, we at the Office of Performance Evaluations were fortunate to experience firsthand her teaching skills and learn from her wealth of evaluation and survey design experience. She conducted an online workshop on survey design that was custom tailored for our office. Not only the evaluators benefited, but our copyeditor also found the workshop useful.

Dr. Robinson focused on why we need good, intentional, purposeful design process. She used examples of real-world surveys that asked questions in different ways and the ways in which they impacted response.

Rakesh Mohan, Director
Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature

Aisha Baloo

After taking Sheila Robinson’s ‘From Default to Dazzling: Creating Visual Evaluation Reports that Shine’ course, I felt much more confident designing cleaner and visual appealing reports. Sheila is a gifted instructor who incorporates interactive, adult learning teaching principles. Her course was engaging and I walked away with valuable skills that I can directly integrate into my work. I will 110% take another course from her again.

Aisha Baloo, MPH
Program Evaluator at the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center

Pat Mulikin smiling at the camera

I want to thank you for being such a great teacher–I would be totally overwhelmed, even this year, if I hadn’t had the good fortune of having you work with me and TCTRC’s Policy Board. What you were able to teach us has helped me immensely especially when SED added writing the abstract to our plates. I feel you have helped TCTRC be able to look at the data we receive from our feedback forms in a different light and you’ve helped us “up our game” as far as how we are looking at our offerings. The way you make Program Evaluation make sense and easier to accomplish is truly amazing. You are truly a gift to the Teacher Centers of NYS. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pat Mullikin, Director
Tri-County Teacher Resource Center

Sheila’s workshops are active and engaging, ensuring that participants leave with new mindsets, new ways of thinking, and skills they can apply right away.

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