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I get people excited about learning.

I’ve spent my career as a trusted teacher, mentor, and coach, and pour all that experience into my talks and workshops.

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We embark on learning journeys all the time.

We take courses, we go to events – conferences, retreats, etc. – and we attend talks, workshops, and seminars, but what do we come home with? A bunch of handouts and maybe some cool swag from the vendors, right?

What happens to all that valuable learning and experience?

All too often, the answer is nothing.

We don’t realize the power of a good question.

Questions can catalyze innovation, shift perspectives, and even improve relationships. 

How can we become more aware of the questions we ask, and learn to ask better questions?

The truth is, it’s not that hard. 

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We need to engage people in meaningful interactions.

Presentations are ultimately about audience learning. Successful presenters work in service to their participants, whether they are giving a keynote speech, presenting a report, facilitating a workshop or training session, or even running a meeting.

How can we engage audiences in ways that activate learning?

It’s about having a broad repertoire of strategies for different purposes.

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Speaking Topics

Making the most of professional learning:

Send your audience home with more than a swag bag!

Why attend a course, conference, or seminar if the learning is just going to slip away after the event? You need to know how to ingest, digest, and use your learning as fuel for enhancing professional practice.

The power and promise of asking good questions:

Ask better questions to get better results!

Do you know how to use questions for more than just getting information? Do you know how being curious and intentional can have dramatic impacts? Thinking like a researcher, journalist, coach, or investigator and simply maintaining a sense of curiosity can inspire meaningful change at work or even at home.


Earn and keep their attention!

Whether you’re presenting at a meeting, conference or other event, or teaching in any kind of classroom, you need to know how to engage participants, how to earn and keep their attention, and how to plan and facilitate meaningful interactions.

Sheila is also available for breakout sessions, workshops/webinars, panels, roundtables, and can emcee events such as awards ceremonies. And she is also available for podcast interviews!

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I’ll work with you and your team to customize talks and create sessions that fit seamlessly into your event insert words here or program theme and help your participants make the most of their time at your event.​

My talk gets people excited about learning, acquiring new mindsets, skills and competencies, asking questions, being curious, and shifting their thinking.

As your opening keynote speaker, I’ll get people excited about what they’re going to learn and experience. I’ll share with them the power and promise of being curious and asking good questions. They’ll enter their sessions with a sense of curiosity and motivation to learn. I’ll share how they can make a plan for their event experience, and provide them with strategies to make their learning stick so that they can put new knowledge or skill into action right away.

As a closing keynote, I do the same by using the power of reflection and generative learning strategies to help people internalize learning, allowing them to make the most of their experience at the event.

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