Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today, and while my personal practice is to give thanks every day, today certainly feels like the right day to share thanks to all who subscribe, follow, read, and comment on this blog.

In addition to my wonderful family and friends, good health, and other gifts, I have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy my work. It hasn’t always been this way, but for many years now, I have truly enjoyed my work. I generally get up in the morning, look forward to going in, and take great pleasure and pride in the work that I do. In fact, most days I consider it fun. 

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work in a place (i.e. my fields of education and evaluation) where I am both veteran and novice, expert and apprentice, teacher as well as learner. ALWAYS a learner.

My fields offer no dearth of opportunities to learn and grow from cutting edge thinkers and doers who graciously offer their work through websites, tweets, slide shows, videos, webinars, blogs, books, articles, courses, and conferences, and for all of them, I am thankful. I take advantage of the opportunity to learn through reading, writing, watching, listening, and asking questions of colleagues in my fields every single day with the hope that I too, can offer something of value.

thanksgiving by nyoin via Flickr

Image credit: nyoin via Flickr

To all of you, I offer my sincerest thanks for your time and attention as you continue to read and comment on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!