Engaging Audiences is NOT About the Activities

Have you ever wondered how to truly engage your audience during a course or presentation?

Engaging audiences is a hot topic with countless experts offering an array of strategies to captivate audiences, both in virtual and in-person settings. It’s a good thing! As instructors, trainers, presenters, and speakers our primary focus needs to be on delivering what our audiences came for. 

But what people are NOT talking about is the foundation for audience engagement. With a wide array of engagement strategies available, how do you decide which to use and when? Is it a matter of randomly sprinkling them in throughout a session? How do you tailor your approach to audience engagement during a 30-minute online talk vs a 6-hour on-site course? 

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Four steps for dealing with too many open-ended questions in survey design

Open-ended survey questions have the potential to yield high quality, rich, nuanced data that provide deep insights into people’s attitudes, behaviors, experiences, and more.

Sometimes we genuinely need open-ended survey questions to capture the information we’re looking for. Open-ended questions often feel easier to compose, and more natural to ask because they more closely mirror the way that we communicate with one another. 

However, in survey format, open-ended questions can also be very challenging for respondents to answer. 

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Sheila B Robinson, Ed.D.

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